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In our latest Startup Pulse Podcast, Anshuman Sinha, Co-founder & CEO of Startup Talent & Co-founder of Startup Steroid, interviews Dilkhush Kumar, Founder & CEO, RodBez. He is an aspiring entrepreneur with a story of resilience and determination that traces back to his roots in Bangaon in Bihar’s Saharsa district in India.

Dilkhush’s journey from his modest upbringing to making waves in the entrepreneurial world speaks volumes of his perseverance and the potential of untapped talent in rural India.

Born into a family where making ends meet often meant grazing buffalos or driving trucks, Dilkhush’s path was far from easy. His transition from a struggling student to pursuing entrepreneurship reflects not just personal triumph but serves as inspiration for countless others in similar situations. Dilkhush’s narrative, filled with trials, rejections, and eventual realizations, demonstrates that respect and success are achievable through hard work, regardless of societal norms and expectations.

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Turning Poing

Dilkhush’s turning point came from an unexpectedly humble realization; the rejection from a job opportunity due to not recognizing the Apple logo. This incident was the spark that ignited his determination to carve out his own destiny, transcending the societal limitations he grew up with. Choosing to embrace driving, a profession his father excelled in, marked the beginning of a transformative journey towards independence and establishing his own identity in the world of business.

Dilkhush’s venture into driving was not just a career choice but a stepping stone towards entrepreneurship. His narrative seamlessly intertwines his back story with the reality faced by many in rural India, transitioning from urban migration to seeking dignity in work. This experience set the foundation for RodBez, his groundbreaking initiative aimed at revolutionizing transportation in Bihar by ensuring no taxi travels empty, significantly enhancing operational efficiency and profitability.

The conversation with Anshuman Sinha delved deeper into societal constructs, ambition, and the power of self-belief, painting Dilkhush’s story not just as a personal success, but as a beacon of hope and innovation in the entrepreneurial landscape. The technical journey towards creating a seamless platform for RodBez showcased Kumar’s relentless pursuit of knowledge, overcoming barriers of dependency on external resources, and embracing self-learning to develop and enhance his business’s technical backbone.

Dilkhush’s reflections on the formational stages of RodBez, famously termed “The Burn Year,” highlight the critical importance of valuing service over immediate profit. This philosophy was pivotal in gaining user trust and transforming operational setbacks into profitable ventures, leading RodBez from a phase of financial loss to considerable profit and rapid hiring, underscoring a sustainable business model strengthened by technological innovation.

Investment and Business

Dilkhush’s story is interlaced with changing societal perceptions towards entrepreneurship in Bihar. His aspirations go beyond personal achievements, aiming to foster a culture of innovation and problem-solving that benefits future generations. This shift in paradigm, catalyzed by success stories and media representation, challenges traditional career paths and inspires a new wave of entrepreneurship among the youth.

In discussions with Anshuman Sinha about investment strategies and future growth, Dilkhush’s approach to business expansion — prioritizing sustainable growth over rapid scaling through excessive funding — reflects a mature understanding of entrepreneurship. His emphasis on developing a robust operation, valuing tangible results over grand projections, and focusing on realistic, actionable plans underscores the essence of true entrepreneurial spirit.

Dilkhush Kumar’s journey from a small village in Bihar to aspiring entrepreneurship is a compelling narrative of overcoming societal barriers, embracing personal and professional growth, and the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. It’s a testament to the power of determination, the value of hard-earned respect, and the transformative impact of entrepreneurship on both an individual and societal level. Through his dialogue with Anshuman Sinha, Dilkhush not only shared a personal tale of grit but also brought to light the broader implications of entrepreneurship in reshaping the socio-economic landscape of regions like Bihar.


In conclusion, Dilkhush Kumar’s story, as explored in the Startup Pulse Podcast, resonates as a powerful narrative of hope, resilience, and transformation. It exemplifies not just the journey of an individual but also the potential of entrepreneurship to drive meaningful societal change, making it a source of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and change-makers around the globe.

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