Exploring the Canada Startup Visa Program | Ft. Upasana Sharma

Welcome to the Startup Pulse podcast! Join us in this episode as we feature Upasana Sharma, Managing Director of the Startup Visa program in Canada and Co-Managing Partner of Tangentia Ventures, in one on one conversation with Anshuman Sinha, Co-founder and CEO of Startup Talent and Co-Founder, Startup Steroid. Upasana, also Vice President of TiE Toronto, shares insights into TiE Toronto’s 19-year journey fostering entrepreneurship.

Here, Upasana breaks down the intricacies of the Canada Startup Visa program, covering eligibility criteria, individual founder requirements, and the pathway to Canadian permanent residency.

She also highlights different factors like startup visas vs. investment visas to clear the distinctions between Canada’s startup visa and investment-based visas like the US EB-5.

Upasana highlights the program’s emphasis on reasonable funds, skill sets, and experiences.

Connecting Global Startups with Canadian Opportunities Gain insights into how any global company, from ideation to established ventures, can apply for the Startup Visa program. Upasana shares success stories and emphasizes the program’s openness to innovative ideas benefiting Canada.

Navigate the Path to Permanent Residency and learn about the streamlined process of the Startup Visa program, offering direct access to Canadian permanent residency. Upasana provides insights into the absence of age and education bars, focusing on applicants’ experiences and abilities.

Join us on this insightful journey into the world of startup opportunities in Canada with Upasana Sharma. Don’t miss out on unlocking the potential for global entrepreneurs to thrive in the vibrant Canadian ecosystem.

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