Dilkhush Kumar

Dilkhush Kumar, the founder of RoadBees, shares his journey from a small village in Bihar to becoming an entrepreneur. He talks about the challenges he faced and the determination that drove him to succeed. Dilkhush discusses the inspiration behind RoadBees, a cab service that offers one-way fares to make transportation more affordable in Bihar. He emphasizes the importance of providing value to customers and creating a user-friendly experience. Dilkhush also highlights the role of technology in building the RoadBees platform and the collaborative efforts of his team. Dilkhush Kumar, the founder of Roadbeetle, shares his journey and experiences in building a successful startup in Bihar. He discusses the innovative features of Roadbeetle, such as using Google’s APIs to provide accurate location data and distance calculations. He also talks about the rapid growth of Roadbeetle and its profitability, as well as the changing perception of entrepreneurship in Bihar. Dilkhush emphasizes the importance of execution and problem-solving in startups, rather than just focusing on fundraising. He believes that founders should have a clear vision and be willing to work hard to achieve their goals.